Bound for glory

A Brief
Bindery Lexicon

Press Sheet: a full printed sheet when it comes off the printing press.



Folio: A set of pages after it is trimmed from a press sheet.

Saddlestiching: binding style in which folios are gathered, folded and bound at the spine with staples.


Perfect binding: a binding style in which sets of trimmed, collated pages are gathered and bound with glue into a cover along the spine.


Wire-o binding: a binding style in which sets of trimmed, collated pages are gathered and bound along the spine with a wire or plastic coil.

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It might be the least heralded part of the printing operation, but the bindery is crucial to whole printing process. We trim, fold, die-cut, stitch, glue and finally mail your job in the most effective way possible. It's a heavy-duty, hands-on part of our work, and the specialized knowledge of how to handle your awesome annual report or perfectly-perforated postcard is the key to success when it comes to bindery.

Postal fulfillment is the job of getting your appeals, promotions and special publications delivered in the mail to all the members or constituents on your list. We handle this through our partner, Liberty Mail. Using advanced data-merging and postal fulfillment technologies, the mail house can make sure that all your carefully planned campaign or promotional materials hit their target.

Among the many components of bindery operations, folding often gets special attention. Above is a sampling of some basic types of folds used for many printed pieces, although many other kinds of folding are also possible. When planning a printed piece, it's often a good idea to make a full-size folding model, or dummy, before committing to a design. This will help give a clear sense of how the folds will work.

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