About Red Sun

Who We Are

Red Sun Press is a cooperatively-managed printing and graphic design shop in Jamaica Plain, a diverse and burgeoning neighborhood in Boston, MA. We have a small plant with fully equipped offset presses, electronic design and pre-press capabilities, digital copy and bindery departments, and a growing customer base of non-profit organizations, socially responsible businesses and government agencies.

In 1973, Red Sun was founded with $350 and a small press in a Cambridge, MA basement. The founders, who were active in the civil rights, anti-war, environmental and women's movements, envisioned a full service print shop that would support the movement for political and social change.
The faces have changed, but the mission remains the same, and our staff reflects the diversity of the community we serve.

Co-operatively Run

As a cooperatively-run business, our workers have an equal vote on the governing body of the company. We share in long term planning, policy making, financial oversight, and profits. Red Sun works with other worker-owned cooperatives across the country through a variety of networks and business associations. Committed to the precepts and practices of cooperative working, Red Sun looks to the "7 Principles of Cooperation" and works to promote this vital alternative business model.


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A union label on your printed materials means that your job was produced in a shop where workers are protected by a collective bargaining agreement. Workers in union shops participate in negotiating wages, benefits and workplace health and safety policies. All workers at Red Sun are members of UAW Local 1596. Our union label reflects our our support for workers' rights.

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Graphic by Bonnie Acker

Our MISSION is to provide:

For our customers
High quality printing and graphic design services that communicate the spirit and goals of our clients and that reflect our shared commitment to promoting a just and equitable society.

For our community
Support for groups organizing around issues of social and economic change; production practices that reflect our commitment to public health and environmental concerns.

For our workers
A democratically controlled business founded on principles of worker self-management, fair distribution of profits, and a spirit of teamwork that welcomes diversity and gives each person an opportunity to grow and develop.


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